Publications & Tools

Examples of tools to which group members have contributed substantially include:

  • MCMAS, a model checker for multi-agent systems
  • The plug-ins jpf-bdd and jpf-ltl for the software model checker Java PathFinder (JPF)
  • MAYOT, a platform including a multi-platform mobile application, a back-end and a management front-end to support care workers in Youth Offending Teams.
  • XModeler, a meta-modelling platform that supports model-to-model transformations, model queries, etc.
  • SLRTool, a tool to support systematic literature reviews.

Besides the research tools described above, members of the group have collaborated to the implementation of various other tools to support teaching activities, such as an on-the-fly quiz generator for students’ mobile phones ( and a teaching and assessment platform to teach first year Computer Science using an innovative format, as described in this paper.

The group has contributed substantially to the development of the Middlesex Robotic Platform (MIRTO) and to the development of ASIP, a new protocol to control Arduino devices.

The following is the list of publications for group members, automatically generated from the Middlesex University Research Repository: