New papers accepted at ICSE, AAMAS and SEsCPS

  • B. Barn, R. Barn, F. Raimondi, On the Role of Value Sensitive Concerns in Software Engineering Practice, to appear in Proceedings of ICSE 2015 (pdf preprint)
  • R. Stocker, N. Rungta, E. Mercer, F. Raimondi, J. Holbrook, C. Cardoza, M.Goodrich, An Approach to Quantify Workload in a System of Agents, to appear in Proceedings of AAMAS 2015 (pdf preprint)
  • M. Bordoni, M. Bottone, B. Fields, N. Gorogiannis, M. Margolis, G. Primiero, F. Raimondi, Towards Cyber-Physical Systems as Services: the ASIP Protocol, to appear in Proceedings of SEsCPS15 (pdf preprint)